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Hiring IOS developer

How Fintech Startup is Using Remotify?

The Fintech Startup is a fast and effective digital platform that brings SMEs and Financial Institutions together so that SMEs can receive the best offers against their receivables.,

They wanted to integrate google firebase into their app to understand the features, user behavior, and bugs used in the product.

They needed a swift developer who had done firebase integration before.

Remotify suggested three candidates who could make the project from its pool of approved software developers.

Fon Radar agreed with Selçuk after meeting with three candidates.

Selcuk, Ios freelancer developer, 7+ years of experience, excellent communication skills, and experience with firebase

A confidentiality agreement was signed between the parties.

Agreement signed with the hourly working business model.

Thanks to the Remotify prepared contract, the job description, payment dates, and other conditions were quickly determined and signed.

Fon Radar prepared the designs of the project and the well-defined requirements as documents. After a detailed explanation was given at the meeting, the tasks were entered into the project management tool they used.

Selçuk entered the hours he worked on the project and the tasks he did on the platform. He gave information about the progress of the project with daily updates. Fon Radar responded to all questions as quickly as possible.

With the devoted work of both parties and the management tools provided by Remotify, the project and payment were made at the desired time.

Hiring IOS developer
Hiring IOS developer

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Thanks to Remotify, we quickly reached the right candidate, completed our project on time, and our work progressed to a certain standard.

Okan Ü.
It was very comforting that a project I could do matched with me and that Remotify took care of time-consuming issues such as contracts and payments.

Selçuk Y.
Mobile Devoloper

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