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Remotify or Founding Your Own Company? A Freelancer’s Dilemma Simplified

In the dynamic world of freelancing, the decision between founding your own company and utilizing a service like Remotify is more relevant than ever.

In the dynamic world of freelancing, the decision between founding your own company and utilizing a service like Remotify is more relevant than ever. While independence is the hallmark of freelancing, the administrative overhead and legal compliance can be daunting. That’s where Remotify steps in, offering a streamlined, compliant, and hassle-free solution for freelancers worldwide. But what does that mean for you?

Remotify: Business Simplification for the Modern Freelancer

Remotify acts as your intermediary, simplifying the legal and payment complexities typically associated with freelance work. Here’s how:

  • Instant Start-up: With Remotify, start invoicing your clients in less than 10 minutes. No need to obtain residency or register a business entity – jump straight into your projects.
  • Limited Liability Concerns? Not Anymore: Forget the risks associated with running your own business. With Remotify, you get to focus on your craft without the legal weight on your shoulders.
  • Digital Marketplace Integration: Remotify seamlessly integrates with your online service offerings, providing a robust solution for invoicing and payments without the need for product sales.
  • Growth Without The Grind: Scale up your operations without the need to draw unnecessary attention. Remotify supports your growth while you maintain a low profile, if desired.
  • Freedom to Move: Travel and work with ease. Remotify offers location independence without the need for a permanent office or registered location.
  • Invoicing Made Easy: Offer your services with confidence, knowing that invoicing through Remotify is compliant, professional, and tailored to your business needs.
  • Collaboration and Networking: Work alongside a community of freelancers. Remotify fosters collaboration without the need for legal partnerships or employment arrangements.
  • Banking without Boundaries: Remotify’s platform enables you to manage payments and invoicing, with support for multiple currencies and diverse payment methods.
  • Adaptable Invoicing Frequency: Whether you invoice once a month or multiple times a day, Remotify’s pricing structure adapts to you, with a percentage-based approach that favors both regular and sporadic billing.

Choosing What's Best For You

When comparing Remotify with the prospect of starting your own company, consider the freedom, flexibility, and support offered by our platform. Remotify provides the essential tools you need to manage your freelance business with ease, from invoicing and payments to legal compliance.

Key Considerations

Remotify Services

Founding a Company

Start-up Time

Start invoicing in less than 10 minutes

Several days to weeks, depending on the country

Limited Liability

No personal liability; all legal liabilities handled by Remotify

Personal liability unless you form a limited company

Online Marketplace Compatibility

Designed for services, not products, with seamless integration

Often requires additional setup and integration

Growth Potential

Facilitates growth without the complexity of a company

Potential for growth, but with more overhead

Location Independence

Complete freedom to work from anywhere

May require a fixed business address

Invoicing and Compliance

VAT-compliant invoicing with no need for company registration

Requires understanding of tax and business laws


Easy collaboration with clients and other freelancers

Can be more complex, involving contracts and legal work

Banking Services

Simplified banking with multi-currency and diverse payment methods

Full business banking services, often with more features

Invoicing Frequency

Adaptable to your billing frequency, great for sporadic billing

Typically fixed billing regardless of frequency


As the freelance landscape evolves, so do your options. With Remotify, embrace a future where administrative ease and compliance are given, allowing you to focus on what you do best – your freelance work.

Still Unsure? Let's Talk

If you’re weighing your options and need guidance, reach out to us. Our team at Remotify is dedicated to helping you navigate your freelance journey with a platform that’s compliant, affordable, and perfectly suited to your needs. Start a conversation with Remotify today and take the first step towards a streamlined freelance experience.

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