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Best Alternatives to Native Teams

Embarking on the quest for the ideal invoicing tool, businesses and freelancers alike seek efficiency, reliability, and features that align with their specific needs. In this blog, we delve into the exploration of alternatives to Native Teams, dissecting various invoicing tools to identify the best-suited options. Whether you’re a global enterprise or an independent professional, finding the right invoicing solution is pivotal. Join us as we navigate the landscape of invoicing tools, evaluating their features, flexibility, and suitability as we uncover the best alternatives to Native Teams for streamlined and effective financial management.

Using an invoicing tool offers several benefits for freelancers and businesses. Here are five key advantages:

  1. Time Savings: Invoicing tools automate the process of creating and sending invoices, saving significant time compared to manual methods. This allows you to focus more on your core work and client relationships.
  1. Professional Appearance: Invoicing tools provide professional-looking templates that can be customized with your branding. This helps present a polished and consistent image to your clients, enhancing your professionalism.
  1. Accuracy and Error Prevention: Automated calculations reduce the risk of errors in invoicing. This ensures that your invoices are accurate, leading to smoother transactions and avoiding potential disputes with clients.
  1. Faster Payments: Many invoicing tools come with online payment options, making it easier for clients to pay promptly. The convenience of online payments can significantly reduce the time it takes to receive funds and improve your cash flow.
  1. Financial Organization: Invoicing tools provide a centralized platform for managing your financial transactions. You can easily track payments, monitor outstanding invoices, and generate reports. This organization is essential for budgeting, tax compliance, and overall financial planning.

In addition to these primary benefits, using an invoicing tool can also offer features such as automated reminders for overdue payments, expense tracking, and integration with other business tools, further enhancing your efficiency and financial management.

About “Native Teams”

Native Teams is a global B2B invoicing solution designed for independent professionals, providing worldwide eligibility.

Native Teams stands out as a global B2B invoicing solution tailored for independent talent, offering eligibility on a global scale. Ideal for independent professionals seeking a banking-integrated invoicing platform, Native Teams boasts a quick setup time of just one day. The platform accommodates recurring invoices with an unlimited count, providing automated VAT calculations for added convenience. Supporting a diverse range of payment methods, including bank transfers and debit/credit cards, Native Teams caters to users in 55+ country. The transaction fees range from €19 to €59 per month, depending on the processed revenue, with additional charges possible for account withdrawals and payment processing. Native Teams integrates seamlessly with business banking, offering a multi-currency virtual wallet service with a EURO IBAN and payment gateway integration for other currencies. Users also benefit from a Native Teams debit card in USD/EUR. The platform ensures swift payouts to bank accounts within 24-72 hours. While it excels in various aspects, it’s essential to note that overdue invoice follow-ups are not currently supported by Native Teams.

Best Alternatives to Native Teams:

1. Remotify

Remotify stands out as a top choice among invoicing tools that are a alternatives to Useme

Remotify distinguishes itself as an all-encompassing financial management tool, presenting a comprehensive solution for handling finances, expenses, taxes, and legally binding agreements. Tailored with a user-friendly interface to meet the needs of freelancers and businesses alike, Remotify promotes smooth communication and collaboration between these two groups. The platform excels in simplifying the invoicing process, particularly advantageous for freelancers managing a specific roster of monthly clients or projects. Positioned as a cost-effective choice, Remotify ensures pricing transparency, excluding any undisclosed fees except for a reasonable 2,5% commission. With its global adaptability supporting over 30 currencies, Remotify emerges as an excellent option for users worldwide, simplifying the management of international clients and projects. Boasting efficient payment processing designed for time-sensitive transactions, Remotify guarantees a streamlined experience for both freelancers and businesses. Prioritizing trustworthiness as a pivotal aspect in financial transactions and sensitive information handling, the platform offers personalized solutions tailored to individual needs.

2. Useme

Useme is particularly beneficial for freelancers seeking enhanced payment security, especially when dealing with challenging clients.

Introducing Useme, the invoicing application with a distinctive feature – it incorporates custody capabilities. Simply upload your completed work, attach the invoice, and provide the payment link. Once the payment is settled, Useme ensures a seamless transfer to your client, depositing the funds into your bank account within 24 hours.


Useme employs a flexible fee structure, ranging from 0.99% to 4.7%, determined by variables such as the invoice amount and currency, and this fee is passed on to your client.


This platform is particularly beneficial for freelancers seeking enhanced payment security, especially when dealing with challenging clients. However, it is most suitable for projects based on deliverables rather than services billed on an hourly or consulting basis, such as tutoring or coaching.

3. Stripe

Stripe is a renowned online payment processing platform that serves as a comprehensive financial toolkit for businesses

Stripe is a renowned online payment processing platform that serves as a comprehensive financial toolkit for businesses, offering seamless generation and management of professional invoices with customization, recurring billing, and automated reminders. The platform’s versatility extends to supporting various payment methods, ensuring flexibility for businesses and clients. Stripe’s robust infrastructure guarantees secure and efficient payment processing, aiding businesses in effective revenue management. Additionally, its integration with popular accounting software enhances its utility as a user-friendly and comprehensive financial solution. While particularly attractive to freelancers and businesses, it operates in 46 countries, predominantly in Europe and North America and varying payment processing fees may require.

4. Deel

Deel stands as an extensive global payroll and compliance platform that surpasses conventional invoicing tools, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses engaging remote workers and freelancers on a global scale.

Deel is a comprehensive global payroll and compliance platform that goes beyond traditional invoicing tools, offering a one-stop solution for businesses engaging remote workers and freelancers worldwide. With a focus on simplifying the complexities of international employment, Deel facilitates the creation of professional invoices, automates payment processes, and ensures compliance with local labor laws and tax regulations. The platform enables users to generate legally sound contracts tailored to specific regions, providing a seamless experience for both employers and freelancers. Deel’s emphasis on compliance and security makes it a valuable resource for businesses navigating the challenges of hiring and managing remote talent across different countries. By centralizing invoicing, payments, and legal documentation, Deel streamlines global workforce management, allowing users to focus on productive collaboration with peace of mind regarding regulatory adherence. You have to pay around 29 USD to use and there is a fee to the currency exchange rate.

5. HoneyBook

HoneyBook is a versatile invoicing and business management platform designed for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses.

HoneyBook is a versatile invoicing and business management platform designed for creative entrepreneurs and small businesses. In addition to efficiently handling professional invoices with customizable templates, the platform integrates features like contract creation, proposal management, and streamlined client communication. With a user-friendly interface, HoneyBook prioritizes collaboration by centralizing project-related communication and document sharing, simplifying financial processes, and enhancing client relationships. It offers a suite of client flow management tools, including a sleek invoice generator for adding services, calculating discounts and taxes, and receiving payments via various methods. The auto-pay feature and flexible withdrawal options contribute to efficient fund management. While HoneyBook subscriptions provide access to tools for overall client management, it’s important to note that the invoicing software is limited to freelancers in the US or Canada.

Final Thoughts

In the exploration of alternatives to Native Teams for invoicing tools, various options have been dissected to identify the best-suited alternatives that offer efficiency, reliability, and features aligned with specific business needs. One standout choice is Remotify, an all-encompassing financial management tool designed for both freelancers and businesses. Remotify excels in simplifying the invoicing process, offering a user-friendly interface and transparency in pricing with a reasonable 5% commission. Its global adaptability, supporting over 30 currencies, makes it an excellent choice for users worldwide.

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