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Remotify as an Alternative to Deel

Looking for an alternative to Deel? Remotify emerges as a secure and reliable platform tailored for businesses and freelancers. As an alternative to Deel, we’ve innovated a seamless solution to streamline payments and invoicing for independent contractors. By utilizing Remotify, business owners can experience swift and streamlined processes with minimal administrative hassles. Simply onboard your freelancers onto our platform, and effortlessly generate bulk invoices as needed.

With Remotify, you gain comprehensive financial management capabilities. This includes freelancer registration, automated tax-compliant invoicing, expense monitoring, and the convenience of bulk payments. Once you finalize contracts and input freelancer details, our system auto-generates invoices for you. Moreover, you have the flexibility to schedule payments in GBP, USD, EUR, or Turkish Lira as per your requirements.

For those seeking a hassle-free, cost-effective, and efficient solution for invoicing and payments, Remotify stands out. Leveraging its features like professional invoicing, meticulous expense tracking, and insightful real-time analytics, you can enhance cash flow management and optimize your financial operations.


As an alternative to Deel, Remotify innovated a seamless solution to streamline payments and invoicing for independent contractors.

Deel operates as a comprehensive online platform tailored to aid businesses in managing their global workforce, especially remote teams and contractors. Through its suite of features, including automated payroll, invoicing, tax management, customizable contract templates, and real-time tracking and reporting, Deel simplifies the hiring and payment processes for both local and international workers. Utilizing Deel’s robust global infrastructure, employers can effortlessly access a diverse talent pool, enabling the recruitment of contractors and employees without the necessity of establishing legal entities. Additionally, with Deel’s Employer of Record product, businesses can seamlessly integrate these individuals into their operational framework. While Deel bears resemblances to Remotify, it comes with a $29 usage fee and charges for currency conversion.

Deel vs Remotify






Starts from 2.5% and changes according to transaction volume

Payroll for international employees



Payroll for international contractors



Built-in time-tracking tools



Why Remotify is the best alternative to Deel?

A key distinction between Remotify and Remote lies in their contractual approach: while Deel facilitates payroll agreements, Remotify establishes contracts directly with your freelancers. Remotify acts as the employer for your freelancer, meaning they handle contracts. As a company, you then make payments for invoices issued in Remotify’s name. Remotify manages all onboarding, compliance, and payment tasks related to your freelancer. This allows you to work with freelancers as if you were collaborating with a business entity, regardless of whether your freelancer has a company or not.

Furthermore, Remotify presents a budget-friendly option, imposing only a 2.5% starting fee ( this might be changed according to the transaction volume)  without hidden charges, and provides freelancers with a choice from a diverse array of 30 currencies. Serving as a comprehensive platform, Remotify emerges as a pivotal asset for companies aiming to access top-notch freelance expertise and refine project coordination. Additionally, it offers tailored support to cater to the specific requirements of your enterprise.

Final Thoughts

In the evolving landscape of digital platforms designed to facilitate global business operations, the choice between Deel and Remotify hinges on specific organizational needs and priorities. While both platforms offer robust solutions for managing international workforces, Remotify shines as a distinctive alternative, particularly for businesses and freelancers seeking a more direct and cost-effective approach.

The nuanced differences between Remotify and Deel, such as Remotify’s streamlined contractual processes and transparent fee structures, position it as an attractive option for those prioritizing simplicity, efficiency, and financial prudence. Additionally, Remotify’s commitment to offering versatile currency options and dedicated support underscores its dedication to meeting diverse business requirements.

Ultimately, whether you lean towards Remotify or Deel, it’s essential to align your choice with your organizational goals, operational complexities, and budgetary considerations. However, for those valuing agility, affordability, and comprehensive support, Remotify emerges as a compelling and strategic alternative to Deel.

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