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Remotify as an Alternative to Remote

Looking for an alternative to Remote? Remotify stands out as a trustworthy and dependable platform designed  for businesses and freelancers. Serving as a viable alternative, Remotify introduces a streamlined approach to payments and invoicing tailored for independent contractors. By opting for Remotify, business proprietors can navigate through processes with ease and efficiency, reducing administrative complexities. With our platform, adding freelancers is straightforward, allowing you to generate bulk invoices effortlessly.

Remotify offers an array of financial management tools at your fingertips. From freelancer onboarding and automated tax-ready invoicing to meticulous expense tracking and the flexibility of bulk payments, we’ve got you covered. Upon finalizing contracts and entering freelancer specifics, our system takes care of invoice generation automatically. Additionally, you can choose payment schedules in GBP, USD, EUR, or Turkish Lira, aligning with your preferences.

For businesses in pursuit of a straightforward, economical, and effective solution for invoicing and payments, Remotify is the answer. Capitalize on its standout features, including professional invoicing capabilities, detailed expense monitoring, and real-time analytics, to refine cash flow management and elevate your financial processes.


Serving as a viable alternative to Remote, Remotify introduces a streamlined approach to payments and invoicing tailored for independent contractors.

If your company aims to onboard international employees, Remote offers assistance in recruitment and facilitates payment processes for freelancers. Moreover, Remote’s software incorporates various features crafted to efficiently oversee payroll compliance, tax obligations, and benefit administration for remote teams.

Remote distinguishes itself through unique attributes, including customized employment agreements and protective measures for employers’ intellectual assets and innovation rights. Users benefit from Remote’s tool for assessing the risk of employee misclassification, ensuring that international workers receive their entitled employment benefits and rights. Furthermore, Remote’s Employee cost estimator enables users to precisely calculate the comprehensive expenses associated with compensating international employees, encompassing mandatory governmental social contributions.

Remote vs Remotify





$699/employee paid monthly

start from 2.5% and changes according to transaction volume

Payroll for international employees



Payroll for international contractors



Built-in time-tracking tools



Why Remotify is the Best Alternative to Remote?

A key distinction between Remotify and Remote lies in their contractual approach: while Remote facilitates payroll agreements, Remotify establishes contracts directly with your freelancers. Remotify acts as the employer for your freelancer, meaning they handle contracts. As a company, you then make payments for invoices issued in Remotify’s name. Remotify manages all onboarding, compliance, and payment tasks related to your freelancer. This allows you to work with freelancers as if you were collaborating with a business entity, regardless of whether your freelancer has a company or not.

Furthermore, Remotify presents a budget-friendly option, imposing only a 2.5% starting fee( this might be changed according to the transaction volume) without hidden charges, and provides freelancers with a choice from a diverse array of 30 currencies. Serving as a comprehensive platform, Remotify emerges as a pivotal asset for companies aiming to access top-notch freelance expertise and refine project coordination. Additionally, it offers tailored support to cater to the specific requirements of your enterprise.

Final Thoughts

In the competitive realm of platforms designed to simplify global business operations, the distinction between Remotify and Remote becomes evident in their operational nuances and user-centric approaches. Remotify’s emphasis on direct contractual engagements with freelancers offers businesses a more streamlined and efficient pathway, minimizing the administrative burdens often associated with intermediary roles.

While both Remotify and Remote cater to the needs of businesses and freelancers in managing international talent, Remotify’s cost-effective fee structure, diverse currency options, and comprehensive financial management tools set it apart. The platform’s commitment to simplifying invoicing, payment processes, and offering tailored support underscores its dedication to enhancing user experience and operational efficiency.

For organizations seeking an agile, economical, and user-friendly solution, Remotify emerges as a strategic and compelling alternative to Remote. By aligning with Remotify’s features and benefits, businesses can optimize their financial processes, access premium freelance talent, and navigate the complexities of international workforce management with confidence and ease.

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