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Meet Mark, Freelance Writer

Hey there, I’m Mark, and I’m a freelance writer trying to navigate the chaotic world of multiple clients and never-ending deadlines. It’s a rollercoaster, let me tell you. But here’s the deal: I’ve been struggling to keep up with all the payments and agreements scattered across my client list. Admin tasks, like creating invoices and […]

Talented Graphic Designer Sarah

Hey there, I’m Sarah, a graphic designer running a freelance business that’s spread its wings across the globe. It’s been quite the journey, but there’s been one persistent challenge: dealing with different currencies and tax regulations. Trust me; it’s a headache. Enter Remotify, and it’s been a game-changer for my freelance hustle. You see, my […]

John, The Freelance Web Developer

Hey, it’s John, your friendly neighborhood web developer, and I’ve been through the wringer when it comes to managing the not-so-glamorous side of freelancing—admin tasks. Invoicing and time tracking had me in their grip, eating up hours that could’ve been better spent coding. Then, I stumbled upon Remotify. I figured I’d give it a shot, […]