Meet Mark, freelance writer

Mark Freelance Writer Mark Freelance Writer     Mark is a freelance writer who is working with multiple clients simultaneously. He’s finding it difficult to keep track of all the payments and agreements made with each client. He’s spending too much time on administrative tasks such as creating invoices and tracking payments, which is taking […]

Talented graphic designer Sarah

Sarah Talented Graphic Designer Sarah Talented Graphic Designer     Sarah is a talented graphic designer who has built a successful freelance business with clients from all over the world. Despite her success, she’s been struggling with the challenges of working across different currencies and tax regulations. These issues can make it difficult for her […]

John, the freelance web developer

John Freelance web developer John Freelance web developer John, a freelance web developer, had been struggling with managing the administrative tasks of his business, such as invoicing and time tracking. He spent a significant amount of time creating and sending invoices, as well as tracking his billable hours manually. Additionally, he often found himself having […]