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Meet Metin- Data Professional

Meet Metin- Data Professional

I’m Metin, a Data Professional with expertise in Data Tools, System Integration, System Creation and Management, and Data Management. My portfolio showcases key projects like Inveon.com’s Data Visualization and Integration with Google Analytics and Tag Manager, as well as Tazemasa.com’s Data Collection and Report Creations using various tools and platforms.

I specialize in utilizing a wide array of tools, from Python and Django for back-end development to Looker and Power BI for front-end visualization. My skills extend to data stores, operating systems, web servers, and more, making me a versatile and experienced Data Professional.

One significant challenge I encountered was creating invoices for my services. To address this, , I started by establishing a company in Estonia through E-residency. As the process proved cumbersome, I explored Ruul before discovering the streamlined and efficient solution provided by Remotify. This allowed me to focus more on my core work while ensuring legal compliance and smooth payment processes.

What are my tips for freelancers?

  • Log Everything: Detailed records can be invaluable for both client updates and personal reference.
  • Take Notes: Capture important information during meetings and interactions to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Regularly update your clients about the process: Open communication is key to building trust and maintaining successful client relationships.

My Experience with Remotify

I began using Remotify as a solution to streamline the administrative aspects of my freelance work. One of the standout features is the simplified invoicing process. Previously, creating invoices was a time-consuming task, especially considering the legal intricacies involved. With Remotify, this process has become remarkably straightforward.

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