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Can I invoice without a company? Easy and Effective with Remotify

With Remotify, you can create your virtual company to invoice companies from anywhere in the world.

Solo entrepreneurs worldwide know that being an independent worker means more than just being an expert in your chosen field. It also entails being knowledgeable about finance, business law, and contract management. The first hurdle for a freelancer? Can you invoice a company as an individual?

Anyone in the freelance world will tell you that creating invoices for freelance work and chasing payments can be some of the most frustrating parts of the job. Though it seems simple – you provide a service, your client pays – it’s often not that straightforward, whether you’ve found a side hustle or are a seasoned solopreneur.

Remotify for Freelancing: Best Tips and Solutions

Remotify offers a unique solution for freelancers, featuring lower fees and superior customer support. Here are some tips on how to professionally invoice a company as an individual using Remotify:


  1. VAT Calculation: In Europe, VAT, similar to sales tax in the United States, is a flat tax applied to a product or service at every point in the supply chain where value is added. Each EU country has its VAT rate and collection rules. Remotify simplifies this complex process by automating VAT calculations.


  1. Chasing Unpaid Invoices: Chasing late payments is a huge issue for freelancers, causing not only financial strains but also wasting valuable time and energy. According to IPSE research, freelancers spend an average of 20 days a year chasing late payments.


  1. Receiving Payments into a Personal Bank Account: While having clients deposit money into your personal bank account is an option, it’s far from ideal. Remotify helps you overcome these issues by using a professional and separate business bank account.

Remotify: The Best Way to Invoice a Company as an Individual

Remotify offers a simple solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs facing the detailed invoicing procedures that require time and patience. With Remotify, you can create your virtual company to invoice companies from anywhere in the world.


Remotify allows freelancers to use its online project function to agree on a specific service before working, after which they can send invoices and receive payments. With your virtual company, you manage an administratively light and entirely paperless business.

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