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Meet Blaze : Pioneering Penetration Testing with a Global Freelancer Network

Thanks to Remotify, Blaze can concentrate on what they do best – providing cutting-edge penetration testing services.

Founded in 2016, Blaze has rapidly established itself as a leading boutique penetration testing provider. With a team of seasoned consultants who are actively engaged in the computer security scene, Blaze excels in delivering top-notch security solutions. However, their challenge lay in effectively managing and compensating their diverse network of freelancers spread across the globe, outside Europe.

Remotify: Streamlining Global Payments for Blaze

Blaze partnered with Remotify to overcome the complexities of international payments. Here’s how Remotify transformed their operational efficiency:

  1. Global Payment Simplification: Blaze collaborates with top-tier cybersecurity freelancers around the world. Remotify has enabled Blaze to effortlessly send payments to these professionals, regardless of their location. This streamlined approach ensures that freelancers get paid in their preferred currency, fostering a positive and productive working relationship.
  2. Legal Compliance and Peace of Mind: The cybersecurity industry requires strict adherence to legal and regulatory standards, especially in cross-border operations. By leveraging Remotify, Blaze ensures that all transactions are compliant with international financial laws and regulations, thereby mitigating any legal risks.
  3. Reduced Administrative Burden: Managing a global pool of freelancers can be administratively demanding. Remotify has significantly lightened this load for Blaze. The intuitive platform handles the intricacies of international payments, allowing Blaze to focus more on strategic areas such as cybersecurity research and client engagement.

Blaze's Experience with Remotify

“Our core strength lies in delivering exceptional cybersecurity services. Remotify has been instrumental in simplifying our global payment processes, making it seamless to compensate our international freelancers. This efficiency has not only saved us time but also enhanced our relationships with our freelancers. Remotify’s reliability and ease of use have been key in helping us maintain our focus on innovation and client service,” says a senior consultant at Blaze.

Joining Forces with Remotify for Global Success

Thanks to Remotify, Blaze can concentrate on what they do best – providing cutting-edge penetration testing services. The partnership has enabled a hassle-free, efficient payment system, benefiting both Blaze and their global network of freelancers.

Embracing Remotify for Global Payment Solutions

If you’re a company like Blaze, dealing with international freelancers and seeking a streamlined payment process, Remotify is your go-to solution. Experience the ease and efficiency that Blaze enjoys by integrating Remotify into your payment processes.