7 platforms for freelancers to develop skill sets with free courses

Technological changes and globalization changes the needs and wants of the labor market

Freelancers can develop skill sets, and increase job and project opportunities with free courses Being a freelancer is a continuous learning and developing process which is a result of changing needs of the labor market. Technological developments and globalization cause a rising competitive environment for freelancers. You can reach trends in the labor market from […]

How to Get Your First Client as a Freelancer?

The culture of working as a freelancer has been growing around the world, but do you know how to get your first client as a freelancer without experience? Check out our new content If you just start to work as a freelancer, it could be challenging for you to find your first client since you […]

Layoffs trend by tech companies scares workers worldwide: what’s happening?

More than 180000 around the world got effect by the layoffs

The rise in the number of layoffs by tech companies has raised questions about the future of the job market and how long it will last Inflation, tumultuous stock market, high competition, pandemic, what option can explain the reason for the layoffs? Or better, The layoffs are only temporary, or will start to increase the […]

How to Obtain a Digital Nomad Visa?

Around the world, several countries have created a Digital Nomad Visa to attract and boost the local turism

After the boosting of remote jobs, many people are focusing on finding opportunities to travel and get digital nomad visas to enjoy different countries for a while Digital nomad visa offers location-independent workers them to earn their income legally in the country they are currently in. They are easy to obtain, and they allow digital […]

Find out 9 trends that will strengthen the labor market in 2023

Flexibility and transparency will be boosted the labor market during 2023

Flexibility, fair compensation, home office, soft skills, and other points have shown results after research about the labor market in 2023 During the pandemic, in 2020, many companies worldwide started to adopt the home office as a labor culture. At the same time, some researchers estimated that around 114 million jobs were lost. Though people […]

6 points to consider when creating your professional goals for the new year

If you are looking for a way to boost your career, professional goals will ensure your success

Professional goals help us to understand how to achieve our goals in a more fun and real way without overwhelming them. Check how to define yours Here we are again to start a new year, and we have that feeling of creating new goals to accomplish during 12 months. When usually the year is finishing, […]

How to Protect Mental Health for Freelancers?

Talk about mental health is essential to develop self-awareness and avoiding overwhelming situations

How is your mental health nowadays? Have you ever talked or listened to yourself since you decide to become a freelancer? There are lots of pros to freelance working, however, sometimes it could be hard to guard your mental health. Since you probably would be working on your own, and do not have a workplace […]

This is you guide for living in Portugal with the Digital Nomad Visa

This is your special and unique guide about how to live in Portugal as a digital nomad, prepare a note, passport, documentation and go to explore

Portugal has a specific visa for those who would like to live there and work as self-employed. Check how to get this visa Portugal has become the main destination for those who would like to live in an affordable place and have a quality of life at the same time. Many digital nomads decided for […]

How to Live as a Digital Nomad in Turkey

Many freelancers consider living in Turkey due to the high level of life quality and affordable community

If you are looking for a rich culture, tasty dishes, and an affordable place, get to know how to live as a digital nomad in Turkey Turkey is becoming one of the favorite destinations of freelancers all over the world due to its low cost of living and convenience of obtaining a visa. If you […]

Freelance Management System: a guide to your project success

Get to know this System that will improve your project, productivity, and time management

Through  Freelance Management Systems or  FMS projects and the administrative task will be optimized to reduce time and risks If you are thinking about hiring a freelancer or even if you are a freelancer, you must be wondering what it is a Freelance Management Platform and why to use one. Well, that is what Remotify […]