The new generation of digital nomads: find out why to hire one

Around 35 million people in the world are digital nomads, a trend considered “lifestyle”, in which they are working remotely and traveling at the same time

Working as digital nomad allows you geographic freedom.
Working as digital nomad allows you geographic freedom.

Freedom or open-minded may be the two adjectives to define a digital nomad. They are remote workers and generally are moving from one country to another. To elucidate better, the experience of living in different places and at the same time traveling and learning about that culture can be the main point of being a digital nomad.

Those digital nomads are full-time employees or freelancers, some are changing countries often, and others prefer to stay maybe some months spending time or even learning the local language for a while. A digital nomad is defined as a lifestyle.

The commence of digital nomads

The popularity of digital nomads got stronger around 2018 when 4.8 million Americans started to define themselves as digital nomads. However, in 2021, this number started to rise to 15.5 million people. One researcher says that over 60% of digital nomads are employees in one company, other percentages are freelancers or even employees of part-time jobs.

Another research says over 35 million people are digital nomads nowadays, and this growth started during the Pandemic of Covid-19. Some positions as designers, software engineers, program or app developers, game creators, streamers, community managers, social media, and others can be executed per a digital nomad.

Some countries already created special visas for these workers such as Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Croatia, Georgia, Cyprus, Belgium, and others. These terms got very strong during the pandemic when most of the companies sent their employees to work from home, and the Hybrid system and total remote have been implanted in these companies. A digital nomad does not want to change her / his lifestyle.

4 reasons for hiring a digital nomad

But as a lifestyle, why some companies should hire this professional? Below we will list 4 specific reasons why you should hire a digital nomad.

1 – Cultural diversity:

When you hire someone who is willing to travel the world and get new experiences, this person will create quality storytelling for new ideas and a cultural impact on your business. The digital nomad will bring experience and a different vision about what he/she can share about the world and other businesses. Also, the company can hire someone who is not specific from the company country, however, has the experience to get the opportunity.

2 – Skills explored

As we talked about in our previous text here when you hire a freelancer or digital nomad for your business, you deliver your project to those who have the experience and specific ability to execute. Then they are aware of their tasks and the delivery time. Moreover, you can hire international and talented people for your business.

3 – Cost reduction

The company will reduce the budget of your office or the workplace bills, as you will not spend on electricity, internet, and water. Instead of speeding up space or other waste, the employer can invest in platforms, tools, and features to increase the work lifestyle, as some software such as Remotify might be clever and reasonable. Those will support the digital nomads have a better experience while they are traveling and working.

4 – Productivity

Based on the digital nomad lifestyle, most of them make choices to get the task done according to the agreement. And even while they are making choices to create good work for themselves, to efficiently get the task done, there is a flexible schedule to accomplish according to the time zone. 

How to hire a digital nomad?

The good communication is the key for keeping a remarkable relation between employee and employer
The good communication is the key for keeping a remarkable relation between employee and employer.

After all the benefits listed for us, if you are decided for hiring a digital nomad, it is to consider the writing of an appropriate policy for this hiring, to protect company data and also the employee. Those agreements will ensure protection during the work that has been done and the health of your coworker. 

It is essential to remember the agreement about the time of work, deadline, tasks, and responsibilities. The agreement must be between employer and employee, in order to formalize what it is necessary to do and when.

In addition, ensure the development of a digital nomad policy with the legal requirements and also the contract declaring that you are aware of your employee’s lifestyle and he/she is following all the corporative regulations. Make sure to create a project to create a support team to assist your employee.

As the person is traveling and most of the time does not establish a residency, the employer should check the local rules, compliance, and tax purposes to be sure about the payroll or it must be agreed upon before, the employee or freelancer be aware of the local situation and keep all the payment according to the regulations.

Payment and management of the digital nomad

The digital nomad is considered a global economy, however, remember to check for software that can help the communication between employer and employee to get feedback and the tasks information. We can mention the digital security risks and the logistics as problems during the digital nomad daily.

Remotify Management System is able to connect both sides, acknowledging our updated system, contracts, and payment. The company can manage all the tasks, juridical documentation, and invoices inside our platform, which can facilitate transparency and communication among all the team. The payments are secure, and the freelancer can choose the currency on the report of his / her lifestyle.

The challenges are the main character to move a business up. And sooner the world will become digital, the connections and the possibility to work even in kilometers of distance or another time zone. The important question is: what your company is doing to follow this trend?

You can also be a digital nomad by registering on our platform. It is free and you be able to receive all the support from our team. If you are interested in registering on our platform, but you still have questions, please, write to us, and let’s create an easy world to work remotely.

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