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9 courses on LinkedIn Learning to complete by the end of 2022

More experience and knowledge will be always a benefit for your self-aware and professional side, because of it we selected 9 free courses on LinkedIn Learning to enroll later this year

9 free courses in the area of marketing, self-aware and management
9 free courses in the area of marketing, self-aware and management

Adding knowledge each day is more necessary. A lot of recruiters are using LinkedIn as the main platform to analyze their experiences, previous projects, and testimonies. But When we speak about the experience, it is not just about the network or your abilities there, but all the learning and projects developed during your life.

On the strength, it is crucial to invest in your career and your own comprehension daily. Knowledge always comes as a benefit, as new skills and ways to conquer other projects as a freelancer.

However, you are probably asking yourself about the finance part and the time that will be spent learning a new skill. No worries, because We selected and we found 9 courses on the LinkedIn Learning platform, totally free for you to add new skills to your resume and portfolio. Check below:

1 – Learning Python 

The course is with Joe Marini a senior developer advocate at Google and a developer of Dreamweaver and Windows Phone and the basic steps for using this Programmation language. Per the course description, you will learn to work with dates and times, read and write files, and retrieve and parse HTML, JSON, and XML data from the web.

So if you are curious about this language Programmation, the course is around 3 hours and there are activities and cases to follow while you are studying. Enroll and get more information here.

2 –   Become a digital marketing specialist 

For you who would like to learn more about the digital marketing field, this is a free course with Brian Honigman, Marketing Consultant, NYU Adjunct Professor. The course aims to promote knowledge to develop strategies for social media, define the audience, an explanation about the channels and how to choose them, how to maintain a community, innovate on social media content and sell through those channels.

The course will cost around 1 hour to be accomplished, however, you get a different knowledge about social media strategy. Click here to enroll.

3 – Project Management Foundation

With this course, you will be able to learn how to manage your project, goals, and milestones. The course is taught by Bonnie Biafore, a Best-Seller Author, who has experience in project management and training. The main objective of this course is to define project management, how structure projects, develop a proper budget, and analyze other fundamental points for achieving the project goals.

In 3 hours will finish the course and receive your certificate. Enroll here.

All courses are free and will have a certificate at the end
All courses are free and will have a certificate at the end

4 – Unconscious Bias

Why identify your bias is a question to start this course. According to Stacey Gordon, the course instructor and Ceo of Rework Work, when you recognize your bias, you can develop a new concept about religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and others. With all this comprehension, the decisions will be effectivity based on the creative professional settings. As freelancers, you are always getting projects from different countries and fields, which is why is important to be aware and respectful.

The course is only 40 minutes and you can enroll here.

5 – Power BI Essencial training

Do you know what is Power BI and how to use this business analytics tool by Microsoft? Well, this course with Gini von Courter will introduce you to this tool. After accomplishing the classes, you will be able to use Power BI to glean insights from your data quickly. Also, it is a beginner course to explain step by step the tool and what the benefit is for your business and daily work.

In 3 hours and 24 minutes will finish the course. Click here to get more information.

6 – Developing your emotional intelligence

It is essencial to keep your emotional intelligence conscious in daily life to build effective relationships. Gemma Leigh Roberts is the instructor of this course and she emphasizes that the course will promote self-awareness and identify your triggers to develop a collaborative environment, communication, and listening around.

The course is only 1 hour and you can enroll here.

7 – Communication Foundations

Everybody knows that effective communication can prospect a career and bring real value. With Brenda Bailey-Hughes e Tatiana Kolovou, this course addresses how to communicate on different occasions and with people, including meetings, email messages, pitches, and presentations. Professional communication is also considering the listen and how to create functional messages. 

The course is at most 1 hour and if you are interested click here to enroll.

8 – Digital Marketing Foundations 

We came again here with another option of a digital marketing course for you who are interested in getting more knowledge about this field. The instructor of the classes is Brad Batesole, a growth marketer specialist. This course addresses video marketing, and e-mail marketing, identifying your target market, establishing your goals and KPIs, and how understanding reports and insight to benefit your business. 

The course has a total of 2 hours and 9 minutes and you can check more details here.

9 – Planning a career in User Experience

The last one is thinking of you who are thinking about starting your career as a UX designer. The instructor of this course is Cory Lebson, a UX Research Consultant and author. According to the course description: This course offers focused career advice for job seekers, tips for recruiters and employers who want to better understand UX, and a necessary framework for grad/undergrad students exploring the next step in their career. Along the way, Cory highlights training in the library to build specific UX skills.

The course is only 51 minutes and you can get more information about how to enroll here. 

More Information

There are other courses as well on the platform, you can register using your LinkedIn account and you can access around 15000 courses, in your video format. Also, all these courses are available in 7 languages and subscriptions. 

As we mention below, there are courses available for those who are looking for self-aware, concentration on personal development, tools to improve the working day, as well as courses to improve design techniques, technologies, use of advanced tools, software, content, and entrepreneurship, among others.

On LinkedIn, there are diverse types of courses with different contents and also according to your interest. Some of them are not free, however, if you are into investing in your career, the finance will come as a benefit in the future.

We mentioned above the importance to accomplish new abilities to your portfolio as a freelancer. Self-aware and self-control to manage your time can be beneficial for your day-to-day work. All these courses will not take a long time or days for being accomplished and by the end, you will receive a certificate and the possibility to add to your LinkedIn profile. 

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