Different Types of Freelancers and How to Work With Them

It's crucial to be explicit about your expectations and to give thorough briefs to a freelancer. Check the types of freelancers on the following content

When someone decides to work as a self-employed, usually this person would focus on special skills. Check out the types of freelancers and how to choose one for your project Freelancers have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses of all sizes in recent years. They provide a flexible and cost-effective way to access high-quality […]

Here is how you can pay freelancers with Remotify

Pay freelancers can be straightforward if you use Remotify. Contact us and get to know better our solutions

Using platforms such as Remotify can help you to pay freelancers simply and accessibly As the gig economy continues to grow, more and more people are turning to freelancers to complete tasks and projects. Freelancers are independent contractors who offer a variety of services, from writing and graphic design to web development and marketing. While […]

7 steps to hire a freelancer for your business

It's critical to establish your budget when you are hiring a freelancer

Check how you can hire a freelancer and get work done fast, affordably and precisely The gig economy is growing day by day, and as a result, an increasing number of people are working as freelancers and offering a variety of services to clients globally. So, one of the great ways to complete tasks quickly […]

7 advice for compliantly onboarding freelancers

Your business can take advantage of freelancers' fresh perspectives, unique skill sets, and flexible workforce by hiring them

Compliantly onboarding freelancers creates a productive working relationship with your team while protecting your business from any legal problems Onboarding freelancers might sound complicated. By hiring freelancers, your company can benefit from their new insights, special skill sets, and flexible workforce. However, it’s crucial to make sure that the onboarding procedure complies with all relevant […]

How to negotiate your freelancer rate with a new client

The freelancer rates are important to define your price for that project and understand your value as a professional

Most freelancers consider unique projects or specific determined-time jobs a good way to earn money. Check our new content to learn how to create your rate and negotiate it Talking about money could be overwhelming for most people and many of them suffer from self-confidence issues during the negotiating process. However, unlike traditional employees, freelancers […]

Freelancer Compliance: Understanding the Importance of Legal and Ethical Requirements

Compliance helps freelancers to protect their reputation

Freelancers are responsible for complying with various legal and ethical requirements As a freelancer, you are a self-employed individual who offers services to clients on a project-by-project basis. While the freedom and flexibility of freelancing can be attractive, it also means that you are responsible for complying with various legal and ethical requirements. Freelancer compliance […]

6 tips to organize your schedule and manage your time properly:

Organizing weekly and daily schedules will keep you on track

Time management and scheduling are important to be more productive and be in a healthy mindset Dealing with projects, meetings, e-mails, and daily-works is not easy all the time. Sometimes these tasks could pile up and overlap. This situation overwhelms you and ends up in a rush. Organizing your schedule will help you to stay […]

What is an invoice, and why it is so important?

An invoice is different than a bill

Invoices are important to get paid on time, reduce billing questions, and eliminate tracking problems and manual labor An invoice is a record that the seller provides to the buyer to obtain payment. It includes the price of the goods or services that are bought. If an invoice includes the names of the buyer and […]

How to explain the quiet quitting trend

The desire for better work-life balance is one of the factors contributing to the quiet quitting trend

Quiet quitting is a trend in the labor market that the employee does the bare minimum of the job’s requirements Quiet quitting is a growing trend in the labor market, where employees are doing the bare minimum that the job requires. This phenomenon is driven by several factors, including job dissatisfaction, burnout, and the desire […]

7 platforms for freelancers to develop skill sets with free courses

Technological changes and globalization changes the needs and wants of the labor market

Freelancers can develop skill sets, and increase job and project opportunities with free courses Being a freelancer is a continuous learning and developing process which is a result of changing needs of the labor market. Technological developments and globalization cause a rising competitive environment for freelancers. You can reach trends in the labor market from […]