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How to Invoice a Company for Freelance Work – Remotify Guide

Invoicing a company as a freelancer is streamlined with Remotify. Create detailed, professional invoices and manage your freelance business efficiently. Remember, your invoice is not just a payment request; it's a reflection of your professionalism and commitment to your craft.

In the ever-evolving world of freelancing, invoicing a company for your services can seem daunting. Remotify steps in to offer a simple yet comprehensive solution for freelancers and entrepreneurs grappling with detailed invoicing procedures. Here’s how you can leverage Remotify to create professional invoices and manage your freelance finances efficiently. Understanding the Basics An effective […]

Can I invoice without a company? Easy and Effective with Remotify

With Remotify, you can create your virtual company to invoice companies from anywhere in the world.

Solo entrepreneurs worldwide know that being an independent worker means more than just being an expert in your chosen field. It also entails being knowledgeable about finance, business law, and contract management. The first hurdle for a freelancer? Can you invoice a company as an individual? Anyone in the freelance world will tell you that […]

Remotify: an Alternative to Useme

Remotify emerges as a strong alternative to Useme, offering distinct advantages that cater to the unique needs of freelancers and small businesses.

Making the right platform choice is crucial to your success when running a freelance business. Useme and Remotify are two well-known rivals that aim to simplify freelance invoicing and project management. In this blog post, we’ll look at a detailed comparison between Useme and Remotify and see how Remotify stands out as a strong alternative […]

Tips on freelancer onboarding

Choosing a professional freelance payment management platform can significantly simplify this process, providing a secure, efficient, and compliant onboarding experience for freelancers.

In the dynamic world of business, the freelance workforce has become an invaluable asset for companies seeking specialized skills and flexibility. However, as businesses increasingly rely on freelancers, effectively onboarding them to your freelance payment platform can be a daunting task. As someone who has spent years in the financial industry, I understand the importance […]

Elevating Compliance: The Power of 3rd Party Freelance Payment Platforms

Leveraging professional freelance payment platforms ensures streamlined, precise, and compliance-driven payment processes, freeing you to focus on achieving business success.

For business professionals, compliance is paramount, and any misstep can result in hefty penalties and reputational damage. This is where the compliance benefits of third-party freelance payment platforms shine! With extensive experience in the financial industry, I want to emphasize the critical role compliance plays in freelance payment management and why professional freelance payment management […]

Freelance Payments and the Advantage of Using 3rd Parties

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the freelance workforce has emerged as a formidable resource for companies seeking flexibility and specialized skills. As the gig economy continues to expand, managing paying freelancers has become a challenge many business professionals grapple with. This is where the strategic use of third-party freelance payment platforms can make all the […]

Xolo Go vs. Remotify: Choosing the Right Freelancer Invoicing Platform

  Freelancers and small business owners often juggle multiple responsibilities, from client work to managing finances. Invoicing, tax compliance, and financial organization are essential aspects of this juggling act. Fortunately, there are specialized platforms like Xolo and Remotify designed to simplify these processes. In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the comparison between Xolo and […]

Creating VAT Complaint Invoice Using Remotify: A Freelancer’s Guide to VAT-Compliant Invoicing

Over the years, the emergency market has grown significantly and demands an increased number of professionals with specific abilities. Not only that but from different countries and communities around the world, freelancers have expanded their environment in order to get more income and experience. Due to this popularization of self-employment, which increased notably after Covid-19, […]