What Is a Side Hustle and How to Get One?

For most side hustles, all you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more people have taken up side hustles to make some supplementary income. Here are some ideas for you to check out if you want to get a side hustle A side hustle is a supplementary job that you can take up on the side of your main job. If […]

How To Understand Different Types of Business Taxes?

Taxes are used as the main source of income for governments for covering public spending

Taxes can be one of the hardest things to understand when you are starting your own business. Here are some simplified explanations of the business taxes that you should be aware of as a small business owner Governments use taxes to fund public spending. It’s the main source of income for a government. However, if […]

How To Become a Digital Nomad In Spain?

Spain has recently allowed digital nomad visa under the country’s new Startup Act

In the years following the Covid-19 pandemic, many European countries have started to introduce different versions of digital nomad visa Living as a Digital Nomad in Spain. Have you ever considered this possibility? Spain has recently published their digital nomad visa which allows non-EU citizens to live and work in Spain as a part of […]

Tips and Tools to Become a Freelance Programmer

A great method to take control of your career and work on projects you are interested in is to become a freelance programmer Becoming a freelance programmer can be an excellent way to take control of your career and work on projects that interest you. However, leaping from being a full-time employee to a freelancer […]

How to use AI Compliantly and Properly for Your Freelance Projects

The use of AI in your job should be open and honest with your clients

As a freelancer, you may use AI to improve your work and deliver better outcomes to your clients     Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the way we live and work. From chatbots that automate customer service to machine learning algorithms that help us make better business decisions, AI has the potential to transform virtually […]

Why Are Women Leaders Leaving Their Companies?

Women leaders in corporate America are underrepresented and overlooked for career opportunities

Women leaders are leaving their companies at drastic rates. Women are looking for real leadership opportunities and the ability to choose flexible and remote working conditions According to McKinsey’s 2022 report on women in the workplace, in which they take a deep dive into the experiences of women in corporate America, women are continued to […]

Women’s Place in the Workforce and Freelance Market

To establish themselves as freelance professionals, women still face several problems like the gender pay gap

Women now have additional options to develop themselves professionally thanks to the growth of the freelance sector For decades, women have fought for their place in the workforce and in the freelance market. From the suffragettes to the present-day movements for equal pay and representation, women have had to overcome numerous obstacles to establish themselves […]

Invoices and payments fastly through Remotify

Remotify provides solutions for both businesses and freelancers in the payment process

The best payment and invoice solutions for remote workers in a single platform Invoice and payment is an important step after the project is finished. In recent years, the freelance economy has been rapidly expanding, with more and more companies relying on freelancers to meet their business needs. However, managing freelancers can often be a […]

10 Interesting facts about gig economy

There are many opportunities for highly trained individuals, even though gig labor is frequently linked with low-skilled employment like driving and delivery

In the United States and Europe, 20–30% of people who are of working age are involved in some kind of independent work The gig economy has become increasingly popular over the past decade, with more and more people opting for short-term contracts and freelance work instead of traditional full-time employment. The rise of platforms like […]

Different Types of Freelancers and How to Work With Them

It's crucial to be explicit about your expectations and to give thorough briefs to a freelancer. Check the types of freelancers on the following content

When someone decides to work as a self-employed, usually this person would focus on special skills. Check out the types of freelancers and how to choose one for your project Freelancers have become an increasingly popular choice for businesses of all sizes in recent years. They provide a flexible and cost-effective way to access high-quality […]