How a freelancer can solve late payment issues

Late payments might happen at some moment in your journey as a freelancer, however, you can avoid it by following some tips, check the article

Do not forget to delimitate your late payment terms since the beginning of the project
Do not forget to delimitate your late payment terms since the beginning of the project

Many freelancers decided to change their status due to the quality of their income and even to get more income. Because of it, the payment phase is an important step. For getting the payment, create an invoice that is determined to share with the customer and send the payment through it. 

On our platform, the customer or project manager can create an invoice and pay their freelancers effortlessly. Although, freelancers can create the invoices and share them with their customers to get paid through them. Even because it will help the customer to organize the taxes and accomplish the payments.

However, due to some mistakes or even lack of communication, the freelancer can receive it late or even not receive it. In our blog content, we are explaining how you can create an invoice easily through Remotify and get paid fastly. But today articles we will share 8 secrets for solving late payment issues.

Are you reviewing your invoice before sending it to the customer?

Sometimes can happen a delay in the customer system, he/she can forget to send the payment due to the number of tasks, the customer’s bank can have a system problem, and many other reasons can be an explanation for the delay. However, before sending the invoice to your customers, it is mandatory to review the data.

Another reason can be the payment methods, because of it, keep communication with the customer or platform to be aware of which method of payment they have been using, and how long it will take for reaching you. Another point can be any misunderstanding about the date or in issuing the invoice

Whether the situation happens, you can follow one of our tips below:

1 – Set the terms before starting a new project

During the interview or set the bid, remember to ask the customer about dates, and your rate and set all the agreements before starting. If it is possible, write all the agreements on the contract and even mention them to avoid any mistakes or misunderstandings and keep formalized and transparent. So clarify the terms. We have an article explaining how to create a contract and why it is important.

2 – Notify Remotify team about the situation

If you notice that your payment is late, check the terms once more and notify the Remotify team. Automatically we will notify the company and also get information to understand what is going on. We are also working to the near future any freelancer from Remotify gets paid automatically after the data is set through our platform, then the customer will pay Remotify and Remotify pays the freelancer. In this way, none of our freelancers will have headaches about this issue. Get more info about our FMS.

3 – Write on the terms and conditions for late payments

As mentioned in item 1, it is important to create a contract and set the terms before starting any project. Create a clause with the payment details such as account number, currency, rate per hour or the total price of the project, which day or moment will be paid, and also mention all the details about late payments, which condition, extra charges, and how much per day you will get if the payment is late. In this clause, you can mention all these payment details to keep the security, agreement, and transparency between the freelancer and project manager.

4 – Inform the customers about the charger for late payments

Again as mentioned before, here you can rate your price in case of late payments. You can mention the price in percentages and the currency you would like to get paid. Keep this Clausura to declare your terms and conditions. You must detail how much the customer should pay per day in case of delay, for example, 1% per day of delay.

5 – Check your account and keep the notifications

If you are the one who would not like to talk to the customer about this issue, check your account, perhaps there is some delay with the payment, and the customer already sent it. In addition, keep the notifications available, and as soon as you get you to receive the info. As we brought up before, due to some system mistakes, the payment might happen delayed.

6 – Check your account terms 

As a freelancer when we are working on projects abroad, most of the time the customer will transfer the money according to the negotiable before, then, sometimes depending on the currency platform, it can take days for reaching your account or some country tax or any other rules for overviewing your terms about your bank system. If you think about a facility or if you are getting projects abroad, try to use a tool such as WISE for example to receive the payment simply.

7 – Communicate to your customer

If you have been dealing directly with your customer, keep the communication and ask for some swift after-payment or even send through email some proof of payment. Then you will be aware of the procedure and how it is going.

8 – Analyse your invoice data

Before sending you an invoice, read it once more and review it to analyze the payment terms and all essential data to procedure the payment. Maybe due to some lack of information, the customer can have problems paying. On Remotify, the invoice information from customers and freelancers is already made and ready after registering on our system, only will be necessary to add some information about data and how much will be necessary to send.

Keep the customer aware of the charge for late payments and any other additional
Keep the customer aware of the charge for late payments and any other additional

Communication is the key to being a successful freelancer

Any time that happens any problem with your payment, do not forget to use the tools for receiving information about the situation. If you are a freelancer from Remotify, we will be always aware of your situation and for keeping a good experience and relationship between you and the project manager.

Moreover, do not forget that the main secret to being a successful freelancer is to communicate. If you are communicating, setting your boundaries, and asking about your issues, instead of only overthinking, you might reduce the time for the administrative task and have more time for more projects and income.

We aim to help the freelancers and project managers enforce the policy and approach each other in an easy way and kind. Then from the beginning of the project, both can create a great and transparent agreement about the next steps of the job. Delimitate that your terms are extremely professional and show you are an experience self-employee. 

If you would like to inform more about our management system, click here

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